Komodo Open Remote File on Server with Public Key SCP on OSX
This blog entry is archived. This means it's probably outdated.

By default, Komodo does not work well with public key only SSH sessions.

I was getting this error every time I tried to open a remote file on a specific server:

Remote SSH server does not allow password authentication. Allowed types are: 'publickey'

Passwordless SCP/SSH is supported using ssh-agent. Fortunately by default, ssh-agent should be running on your OSX Machine.

Here's how to get it working:

Open up the terminal and type "ssh-agent" You should get output similiar to this:

SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh-bHP9MZhRQz/agent.5433; export SSH_AUTH_SOCK; SSH_AGENT_PID=5434; export SSH_AGENT_PID; echo Agent pid 5434;

Now goto Komodo -> Preferences -> Enviroment and add the enviroment variables from your ssh-agent.

Example Environment SettingsExample Environment Settings

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Now try and it should work.