Komodo Open Remote File on Server with Public Key SCP on OSX

By default, Komodo does not work well with public key only SSH sessions. 


I was getting this error every time I tried to open a remote file on a specific server:

Remote SSH server does not allow password authentication. Allowed types are: 'publickey'


However passwordless SCP/SSH is supported using ssh-agent. Fortunately by default ssh-agent should be running on your OSX Machine.


Here's how to get it working:

  • Open up the terminal and type "ssh-agent" You should get output similiar to this: 

SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh-bHP9MZhRQz/agent.5433; export SSH_AUTH_SOCK;


echo Agent pid 5434;

  • Now goto Komodo -> Preferences -> Enviroment and add the enviroment variables from your ssh-agent.


Example Environment SettingsExample Environment Settings


Now try and it should work.